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Expertise In

  • Software Development
  • Software Architecture
  • Health Care Business Intelligence
  • Meaningful Use 2 Consulting
  • RPMS Data Management
  • Project Management
  • Systems Administration for Cache and Ensmble
  • Data Visualization & Data Modeling

Capabilities Statement

For years we’ve worked closely with our customers giving us the unique ability to analyze and understand our client’s real-world needs and the complexities of their infrastructure. We use these perspectives to create innovative, customized software solutions for their environment.

Pieran has a proven record of performance and an outstanding history of meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements. For more than three years Pieran has been the lead architect and developer for the IHS Practice Management suite. We used a Service Oriented Architecture approach and the latest technology and design processes to provide a consistent user experience across practice management suite which includes: Patient Registration; Benefits; Scheduling; ADT; and Billing.


Native Health Connection

The Native Health Connection is a Meaningful Use 2 Certified modular EHR product. When used with RPMS provides a powerful tool to allow the exchange of essential health data among healthcare providers and patients.

The Native Health Connections enhances care coordination by providing an integrated communications module between health care providers and patients through RPMS reminders, alerts and active messaging.

For Urban and Tribal sites, it provides an alternative to the current PHR.

The Native Health Connection includes:
* Secure Messaging
* Clinical Quality Measures
* CCDA View, Download and Transmit

The Platform empowers the patient to take control of their health care with direct access to their medical data, and it introduces best-practices into the healthcare facility, and is designed to increase efficiency between the provider and patient to create a better patient experience.

The Platform is seamlessly integrated into the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS).

Elegant solutions to legacy MUMPS applications

Modernization through the use of use of cutting edge technology


Indian Health Service Projects

  • Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) re-engineering
  • Practice Management Application Suite (PMAS)

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